Dexpools is Live on BNB Chain With a $50k Trading Competition

Dexpools has officially launched its OTC trading platform on the BNB chain, meaning users can now have their trades run through Binance’s decentralized network. Binance Smart Chain is one of the most popular chains in the crypto space, once recording 14.7 million transactions in a single day. This is, in part, due to its quick transaction fees, low transaction costs, and compatibility with Ethereum assets. This makes Dexpool’s integration with BNB especially exciting as it opens our service up to more traders, which in turn adds more liquidity. It goes without saying that this has just expanded our ecosystem by a significant degree.

With this integration, BNB users are now able to experience trustless peer-2-peer OTC trades with no slippage, no front-running, no liquidity concerns, and no escrow requirements. This allows BNB users to make large-scale trades without worrying about what losses will be incurred due to low liquidity, or worrying about affecting the market (such as when they use a public order book).  

To experience this integration, all users need to do is connect their wallet to Dexpools and choose to use the BNB chain. From there, users can now make both private and public trades, giving people the autonomy to execute their trades in whatever way best suits them. They can also take advantage of BNB’s messaging tools, meaning they can contact potential traders to help communicate and negotiate sales. Right now, only OTC trading is live via BNB, but we will soon be rolling out NFT trades and limit orders! 

Let’s Celebrate this Milestone With a Trading Competition – Up To $50,000 in prizes

To commemorate this important integration, Dexpools is running a trading competition with prizes totalling up to $50,000 USDC!

To take part, users must trade using Dexpools, invite friends to our platform, or complete other tasks involving our ecosystem. In turn, users are awarded points for their actions. The users are going to have 2 weeks to collect as many points as possible. The prize pool will then be proportionally divided to all participants depending on how many points they’ve collected. 

This competition begins on June 7th, running up to June 21st, lasting a whole two weeks. After that, the prize claiming period will begin on June 24th. Get involved as soon as possible so that you can accrue the most points and secure your prizes .