Dexpools announces partnership with Big Brain Holdings
Big Brain Holdings investment in Dexpools

The Dexpools team is excited to announce a formal strategic and investment partnership with Big Brain Holdings. Led by Solana community advocate SOL Big Brain (@SOLBigBrain), Big Brain Holdings invests in Seed, Pre-Seed and Early Stage Startups on Solana, Algorand, Terra, AVAX, Celo, Ethereum, and other L1s. 

Due to multi-chain and eventually cross-chain ambitions, the Solana ecosystem will eventually be a focus for Dexpools to include within its P2P trading platform. Solana gaming and DeFi continue to accelerate as a place of investment, interest, and growth – perfect for the Dexpools platform to serve as part of the ecosystem. 

As with all of its partners and advisors, the Dexpools team looks forward to working with Big Brain Holdings and its talented team to empower traders across the cryptocurrency landscape.

About Big Brain Holdings

Big Brain Holdings is an Crypto Exclusive Fund Investing in Pre-seed, Seed and Early Stage Projects. They believe in a crypto forward future, and invest in teams paving the way towards that future. There team focuses on projects that are unique, innovative and on the cutting edge of blockchain. They value long term partnerships and help the projects we invest in grow and prosper through our various value added benefits.

About Dexpools

DEXPOOLS is a decentralized, peer to peer (P2P) OTC DeFi platform. Individual buyers and sellers are able to create trade offers bound to specific wallets and execute a trade via smart contracts. There is no need for an escrow custodian or any trusted third party in the process.
Both buyers and sellers can set up swaps with literally zero slippage or impact on low liquidity markets. The only cost to use the platform is a low transaction fee for both trading parties vs the high slippage seen on most DEXs which can at times exceed 20-30%.

More info about Dexpools is in our Whitepaper.