Dexpools is Live on Optimism

Dexpools has a surprise that we are excited to announce– we are now live on the Optimism chain! This means Dexpools users can now utilise this cutting-edge L2 to make OTC trades whilst avoiding slippage, front-running, and escrow fees. Let’s delve into what this means for Dexpoolians. 

Understanding Optimism

Optimism is a layer 2 Ethereum solution, offering low-cost and high-speed transactions. At the heart of this blockchain is the aim of upholding the decentralized and permissionless ideals built into Ethereum by creating scalable and easy to use tools to aid the industry. In the process, Optimism is also growing its own ecosystem, making itself highly compatible with major players in the crypto space such as Coinbase Wallet, Synthetix, and AAVE. 

According to stats from the blockchain research project Dune, Optimism has an approximate on-chain value of $604.4 million USD and offers 94x gas fee savings compared to L1 solutions. This is extremely important as it creates ample opportunities for more liquidity on Dexpools, and opens up the possibility of even more OTC trades. It also means that Dexpools users can take advantage of huge savings by using our platform with Optimism, as Dexpools prevents slippage loses and Optimism reduces gas fee costs. 

Towards a Multi-Chain Future

Dexpools firmly believes in interoperability. Ensuring our platform is multi-chain and highly compatible is not only useful for growing our ecosystem, but is necessary if we want the blockchain industry to mature and strengthen. Blockchain and DeFi connectivity is paramount for creating a global community of crypto traders and enthusiasts where everybody can utilise the same tools and is given the same opportunities.

This is why our surprise release on Optimism is so important. It is s a sign that we are working to make ourselves as interoperable as possible, reaching out to a myriad of blockchains and making our platform open to people from all walks of life. This is a message that Optimism also shares, as this blockchain is not only compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, but is equivalent to it. This is a significant distinction as it shows they are dedicated to collaborating with the Ethereum network, rather than competing with it (an admirable message in the blockchain space).

Expect more surprises like this in the future! Our team is working tirelessly to provide the most robust and compatible OTC tools in this space, as we understand the importance of providing faultless and decentralized peer-2-peer trading tools to the crypto community.