Dexpools is Now Integrated with Rome Terminal

Dexpools is proud to announce that our platform is integrated within Rome Terminal. This integration is a new milestone for Dexpools and Rome Terminal, offering more control and data to our user base. Let’s examine why this is so important, and what it means for Dexpools traders. 

High-Quality Trading Management

To understand what makes this integration so significant, we first need to look into what Rome Terminal offers. Rome Terminal is a DeFi-focused trading management portal, giving people the ability to look at precise analytical data whilst making split-second trading decisions. This is perfect for any trader who prefers to handle their finances from a methodical and strategic mindset. 

Users can also personalize their experience with Rome Terminal by customizing their dashboard and carefully selecting the types of data they receive. Want to have the Trader Joe DEX on the same dashboard as a custom analytics tool? Or Dexpools open along with a DEX aggregator? All of that is possible with Rome Terminal. 

While analytical trading portals are very common in the world of FinTech, it is rare to come across one that is designed specifically to focus on the DeFi markets. Not only is Rome built with DEX activity in mind, but it also presents users with unique data that you simply would not find on a CeFi alternative. 

The Future of Dexpools Trading

This integration is extremely exciting for Rome Terminal as it means they can offer our tools and services within their platform! In turn, this means our user base will have access to bespoke, state-of-the-art data and knowledge about the DeFi space, giving them a major advantage on the global trading landscape. 

There are a myriad of features available, but one which is especially enticing is its non-custodial trading bot, which has been designed to work seamlessly with Avalanche– one of the major blockchains that Dexpools has launched on

Another huge perk of this integration is that we can expect many of Rome Terminal’s own user base to come over to Dexpools and get involved. With word of our platform directly supporting this portal, this is bound to encourage many data-driven users and traders to give us a try, which creates more opportunities and liquidity for our current fanbase. 

Overall, this is a huge sign for the future of Dexpools. This integration marks a new shift in our ecosystem, where our community will be bestowed a huge wealth of bespoke and personalized trading data; perfect for any investor.