Dexpools Has Just Launched on Avalanche

Dexpools has yet another surprise announcement! Hot off the heals of our launch on the BNB Chain, our platform is now also compatible with Avalanche. This means users can now experience peer-2-peer OTC trading running on the Avalanche blockchain.

With a transaction volume oftentimes reaching above 1 million counts a day, a top 20 ranking coin, and over $6 billion USD in staked value, Avalanche is a major player in the blockchain industry. In other words, this is a lively ecosystem with an abundance of trading opportunities for Dexpools users. 

In fact, expect our own userbase to grow exponentially as Avalanche fans begin to learn about the perks Dexpools has to offer– such as no slippage, no front-running, and reduced liquidity issues even when executing large-scale trades on small-scale tokens.

Users can enjoy these benefits on the Avalanche chain right now! Simply head over to our OTC dashboard and start trading coins and tokens immediately. We will be launching OTC NFT swapping tools on Avalanche in the future, too.

Interoperability at Every Step of the Way

With this surprise launch, Dexpools now supports a total of five blockchains: Ethereum, Metis, Optimism, BNB, and of course Avalanche. We are a highly interoperable project, believing in fostering diversity and connectivity throughout this industry.

We are creating the most compatible, multi-chain, and user-friendly OTC trading platform in the blockchain and web3 space. Our goal is to offer investors from all blockchains the opportunity to make decentralized on-chain yet off-exchange trades with ease. 

Plus, with every new launch comes new users and new liquidity, allowing for more trades to take place. Not only does this give our fans more ways to profit, but it makes our ecosystem richer and more varied, cementing our place in the blockchain industry as the quintessential peer-2-peer OTC gateway.

More Surprises In-Store

Dexpools fans will be quick to note that this is far from our first surprise launch. In fact, just seven days ago we suddenly opened our platform up to Optimism– a highly scalable Ethereum Layer 2 solution. 

Expect more releases and announcements like this in due time. As we plough through our roadmap and make Dexpools one of the most robust and impressive trading solutions on the market, we have many more enticing surprises and shocks on the way for our userbase.