Dexpools Monthly Summary: June 2022

June has been a busy month for us. Our ecosystem has grown tremendously, and our platform has gotten more powerful and interconnected. In other words, we have made great strides within our project, and have offered our userbase many crucial ways to perform OTC trades in the crypto space. Let’s delve into the important achievements we have made this month!

New Blockchain Launches

This month, Dexpools released its platform on three separate blockchains: BNB Chain, Optimism, and Avalanche (the last two being surprise releases!) Needless to say, this has greatly increased the size of our ecosystem. These are three highly important and rich blockchains in the crypto and web3 space.

BNB Chain

For starters, Binance’s blockchain has been a powerful force in the industry, once recording 14.7 million transactions in one day. Traders often use BNB as it has quick transaction speeds and low gas fees, whilst still providing the same features as Ethereum. This chain carries huge quantities of value, meaning that this recent integration with Dexpools will lead to more trading opportunities for our own userbase. 


Our integration with Optimism is also extremely exciting, as this is a pioneering Layer 2 blockchain that offers an entirely compatible experience with Ethereum. This is because the team behind Optimism are committed to an important goal: providing a system that is in line with the vision of Ethereum, whilst providing cheaper and faster transactions. 

Becoming compatible with Optimism is significant to us as L2 solutions are becoming the norm in this industry, and are currently poised to be the market-leading ecosystems in the blockchain world.

Not only this, but it is volume-rich, currently holding $674.5 million in on-chain value. This naturally brings more liquidity to Dexpools, and provides more ways for our userbase to trade. 


The third blockchain we launched on this month was Avalanche, a lively and cutting-edge ecosystem backed by a top-20 ranking coin and over $6 billion in staked value. This launch is especially important due to Avalanche’s strong dedication to fostering new technologies by creating a welcoming environment for developers to build. 

For instance, earlier in the year, the company announced their “Multiverse” program, which aims to help grow blockchain and web3 apps on their network. The fact that so many new projects will be coming to Avalanche is great news for Dexpools fans as it means more of these developers can trade their own tokens without facing liquidity or slippage issues in an off-book environment. 

Our Trading Competition

To celebrate our launch on BNB, we ran a trading competition for Dexpools users. Up for grabs were prizes totalizing up to $50,000 USDC. This included stablecoin prizes as well as NFTs (with even some NFTs that offered specific perks to Dexpools users). 

To enter, users needed to complete certain tasks related to the Dexpools platform– the more tasks they completed, the more rewards they would receive. The competition ran from June 7th to June 21st, and the prize-claiming period was on June 24th. 

Consensus 2022

This month we appeared at CoinDesk’s Consensus festival, held in Texas. We hosted a booth at the Main Exhibition Hall, where audience members could learn more about our project and get to meet our team.

We were also a sponsor of MetisFest– an event that took place entirely within Consensus. Here, we engaged in a panel discussion with the Metis team, where we explored the core challenges of DeFi, and shed light on the importance of creating decentralized tools that avoid slippage and front running. 

Chinese Youtuber Crypto Han Explores Dexpools

On June 11th, the prominent Chinese Youtuber Crypto Han released a video examining Dexpools and explaining why it is so important in this industry. In particular, he focused on how Dexpools allows for more secure OTC transactions and can help prevent fraud.

Crypto Han’s support of our platform is especially exciting as it helps spread our project to the Chinese market, which in turn brings more traders and creates more opportunities for our userbase. 

More Progress on the Way

As you can see, June was a particularly lively month for us. We have been working hard to expand our ecosystem, raise awareness of our platform, and offer more ways for our userbase to make OTC transactions. 

But there is so much more to come! We have some exciting plans for July. While we don’t want to ruin too many surprises right now, we can reveal that our team has been working on providing fiat integration into Dexpools, which will be finalized very soon. 

Keep an eye out for this, and many more updates, as we continue to grow Dexpools and offer more innovative ways to perform OTC on-chain trades!