Dexpools Open Beta Announcement

The Dexpools team is excited to announce details surrounding the upcoming open beta launching on January 14th, 2022.

Our successful closed beta saw 100+ dedicated beta testers interact with the Dexpools P2P OTC platform, resulting in hundreds of suggestions, bugs, and other feedback shared with the team. After thoroughly reviewing the feedback provided by the community, an extended list of backlog items were created – some of which will be included in open beta.

New features and progress:

  • Smart contracts audited by Quantstamp
  • Live trades, the ability to deposit tokens directly into the escrow contract on offer creation so sellers can immediately fill transactions for withdrawal
  • Partial fills, allowing users to allow for smaller transactions at the same token pair ratio with their offer
  • Multi-token acceptance, enables users to accept several tokens for one offer
  • SMS and email notifications with improvements on types of notifications
  • Speed upgrades for messaging and scalability for the entire infrastructure
  • Ability to hide usernames / ids for marketplace privacy
  • Ethereum support enabled (along with Moonriver, Avalanche, and BSC)
  • Additional chain support (to be announced)

With all the new features and community support, we have also decided to add exciting rewards for beta testers:

  • Whitelist quests (testers will be asked to show proof of certain activities or chains of activities within the application)
  • Random drops of prizes in-application (ie $500 USDC for 1 PNG)
  • Qualification for $DXP airdrops after TGE for making swaps (rewards will depend on activity and may be similar in structure to the recent $SOS airdrop)
  • Rewards for detailed suggestions and bug hunting

We look forward to this big milestone on our roadmap and can’t wait to share the latest enhancements with the Dexpools community as well as the entire DeFi ecosystem. Expect additional details and teasers as we get close to our launch date!