Dexpools Open Beta Extended
Dexpools OTC crypto trading platform

With the huge increase in traffic to the Dexpools open beta in the last few days and incredible amount of feedback already provided, we have decided to extend our open beta to Feb 4th, 2022. This means plenty of time to qualify for airdrop rewards and test drive the multi-chain peer to peer trading features.

Open Beta Updates

With over 1,000 new wallets added and an additional $1.5mill in wallet value connected over the last two days, the Dexpools open beta is now sitting at almost 3,000 total wallets connected.

We are excited to welcome the Jade Protocol  and LBP Balancer communities to Dexpools. Both teams have been incredible to work with and are just the beginning of many more communities that will help form the core of the Dexpools ecosystem.

What’s Next

After open beta ends, our team will focus on three major workflows:

Open Beta Review

We will be reviewing all feedback including suggestions, bug reports, and other items submitted through our portal. The feedback will be prioritized and communicated to the community so that everyone understands where our dev energy will be spent as we move towards our MVP launch.

In addition, our team will be organizing information around whitelists, $DXP rewards, and other open beta details to share with the Dexpools community.

IDO Prep

Many of you have been asking about our public raise plans, and we hear you. Over the next few weeks, our IDO and Copperlaunch schedule will be shared and we will start prepping all the logistics around our community private sale.

The launchpad has not been selected yet but we are getting much closer to finalizing those conversations. Please be patient with us!

Additional Feature Development

Like we teased in our social channels, we are working hard to build our NFT swapping protocol and a multi-chain limit order platform. The completion of these major features will complete our product foundation, and will provide credibility to our claim of becoming the most valuable multi-chain p2p protocol in DeFi.

As always, we appreciate all the combined efforts of our community, partners, and team. The open beta has been amazing, and we hope to continue building Dexpools into its full potential with the community around us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in our Discord or Telegram community channels.